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Journey of exchange

Party in a temple


Kyoto is filled with historic temples and shrines.

Would you like to spend a special time in an unusual space

outside of an event facility or conference room?

Parties held at temples or shrines...

Many people may not have an image of this.

A special party renting out a temple or shrine in Kyoto is sure to lift the mood of your guests with a different atmosphere than usual. 

Recommended points

1)  Make your regular events more colorful and fresh!

2)  Depending on the temple or shrine, you may be able to use places that are normally closed to the public!

​3)  You can also combine it with other plans such as meals and zazen experiences tailored to your needs!  

By using this service...

⭐︎The annual event is sure to be fresh and memorable!

We can rent out temples and shrines that are rarely accessed to hold events and parties. We also provide food and facilities such projectors, and other preparations. Please contact us once for more information.


⭐︎You can further experience "Kyoto" by combining the party with activities such as a zazen experience!

Activities can be included before or after the event, and parties can be held in a variety of styles, from standing to seated.


*Welcome party at "Sake Spring", a sake tasting event planned by our company

(At Myoshinji Temple Taizoin)


Reference Video

[Time required] Approximately 1.5 hour

[Number of people] ~100 people

[Fee] JPY 35,000 (USD 250)+  per person

[Place] Temples and shrines in Kyoto City

*The above details vary depending on the plan.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Contact us for event and tour planning.

What would you like to do? (multiple responses accepted)

Sending completed.

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