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Learning Journey

​Kyoto University Campus Tour


A current Kyoto University student will guide you around the campus.

Let's explore Kyoto University, which is unique and full of mysteries, while listening to behind-the-scenes stories from current students!

National Kyoto University is the highest academic graduate school in western Japan.

A current Kyoto University student will serve as your guide and show you around the campus.


<Recommended points>

① Current Kyoto University students will guide you! There are so many things I can talk about because I am a current student!

② In addition to campus tours, we can also hold networking events and workshops within the facility!

③ Lots of real voices from Kyoto University students! Comes with original pamphlet!

<By participating in this tour...>

・You can imagine university life at Kyoto University realistically!

  └ Hearing from current students about tips for studying for entrance exams, recommended classes, etc. will give you a better idea of what to expect, which will further improve your motivation.

・You can experience the perspectives and values of Kyoto University students!

  └ By having in-depth conversations with Kyoto University students during workshops and social gatherings, you can learn about their thoughts and perspectives, and deepen your knowledge.

●Campus tour only

●With social gathering/workshop

We can accommodate both. Please feel free to contact us.

<Held results>

*Kyoto University campus tour for cram schools

[Time required] 60 to 90 minutes

[Capacity] Up to 15 people per guide (Number of participants: 10 people or more)

*We also accept groups such as school trips. Please feel free to contact us.

[Cost] From 2,500 yen

[Place] Kyoto University

[Flow of the day]

- reception

- Campus tour (see example route below)

- Workshops and roundtable discussions with current Kyoto University students

[Route example]

Clock Tower Camphor Tree → Centennial Clock Tower Memorial Hall

  → Attached Library → Sonjodo Hall → General Plaza → Grounds/Bulletin Board 

*In principle, tours of the building must be from outside.

We also accept requests regarding routes, so please feel free to contact us.

Contact us for event and tour planning.

What would you like to do? (multiple responses accepted)

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