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Learning Journey

Zen-Meditation Experience

Experience Zen-Meditation in a tranquil setting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Why don't you release your body and mind and reflect on yourself?

Recommended Points


Zen-Meditation Experience at a historic Kyoto temple!


You will receive direct guidance, including a Dharma talk by the chief priest.


You will have time to get away from your hectic daily life and face yourself!

In recent years, zazen has gained attention as a new way to spend your time.

Would you like to experience it together with the chief priest at a historic temple in Kyoto?

It's okay even if it's your first time. It is also recommended as part of a company event.

<By participating in this tour...>

・ You can re-examine yourself by meditating in a quiet space!

  └ Spend a quiet time in the extraordinary space of a temple...

    A moment when you feel like you can do it, but it's hard to do, may ease your mind.

・ You can gain a new perspective by exchanging opinions with the chief priest and colleagues!

  └ Everyone perceives the experience of zazen differently.

    By exchanging thoughts and opinions, you will have a more fulfilling time.

  It is also recommended as a company event.


*Night temple experience “Night sky zazen”

*“How to prepare your mind” Online zazen session held as in-house training for a private company


[Time required] Approximately 1 hour

[Capacity] Approximately ~50 people

[Fee] JPY​ 8,000 (USD 60)

[Location] Temple in Kyoto City

[Flow of the day]

- Gathering and reception at the temple

- Greetings and Zen-Meditation instruction

- Zen-Meditation Experience [about 10 minutes]

- Dharma talk

- Q&A session, interaction with the chief priest

- Dismissal

We can also do this kind of program!

・Meal Arrangements

We can arrange vegetarian meals and other meals according to the time of the event.

・Online Zen-Meditation

For those who live far away, online zazen sessions are also available. Please contact us for details.

Please feel free to consult with us, including your needs.

Recommended for the following people
Those who want to
plan a different experience
for employee training.
Those who want to
have a special experience
at a temple or shrine
in Kyoto
Those who wish to
refresh themselves
at temples and shrines
full of seasonal

Please feel free to contact us!

Desired Content

Consultation example

・The budget is set, but I want to leave the content up to you!

・I have decided how to spend my day, but I am looking for activities to enjoy at night.

Sending completed.

We will reply to the address you entered within a few days.

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