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Learning Journey

​Japanese/English available

Market Tour & ​Sushi-Making Experience

Sushi is a representative of Japanese food culture.

Would you like to experience the sushi that is also a traditional culture,

starting from the selection of ingredients?

If you learn the tips, you will be able to make your own sushi!


Recommended Points


You can enjoy the pairing of Kyoto's local sake and sushi!


You can eat sushi freshly made by yourself!


You can purchase selected fresh fish from all over Japan at Japan's oldest central market!

You can enjoy the experience of making sushi using fresh fish from the markets of Kyoto, the home of gastronomy.

After learning about the profound world of sushi and the fish distribution system, let's enjoy the sushi you made and Kyoto's local sake!

This can also be arranged as a team building program.

[Time required] Approximately 2~3 hours

[Capacity] Approximately ~40 people

[Fee] JPY 12,000 (USD 90)

[Location] Market and kitchen in Kyoto City

*Location varies depending on the time of the event.

[Flow of the day]

- Procure ingredients at the market

  → Move to the kitchen

- Learn how to make sushi while learning the key points of sushi making

- Meal time

- Take a commemorative photo and introduce recommended sightseeing spots

・Sake tasting set with lecture +2,000 yen

As an option, you can add a local sake tasting lecture with commentary by a sake expert. How about tasting sushi while comparing Kyoto's local sake?

This tour is recommended for...
Those who would like to
experience sushi making
in Kyoto, the home
of Japanese cuisine.
Those who want to know
about purchasing an
distributing fish
at the market.
Those who want to enjoy
the authentic pairing
of Sushi & Sake
with Kyoto's local sake.

Examples of past practice

At the sake tasting event “Sake Spring” Sushi making experience project


Please feel free to contact us!

Desired Content

Consultation example

・The budget is set, but I want to leave the content up to you!

・I have decided how to spend my day, but I am looking for activities to enjoy at night.

Sending completed.

We will reply to the address you entered within a few days.

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