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Learning Journey

​Gourmet Experience (Restaurant Booking)

There are many Japanese and Western restaurants in Kyoto.

Would you like to experience the gastronomic delights

that are loved by the locals and even the chefs?

Kyoto's food, a representative of Japan, is sure to please your guests and clients.

We can introduce you to restaurants that meet your needs.

Recommended points

1) Because we know Kyoto well, we can introduce you to the best restaurants!

2) You can spend your unique time in Kyoto by combining it with other plans! ​

By using this plan...

・You can use a store that is pleasing not only to our regular customers, but also to guests from overseas!

  └ We will respond to your detailed requests such as time, place, genre, etc.

  We will introduce not only famous stores but also deep stores that only those in the know know.

・Not only can you use it for meals, but also seminars where you can learn about the thoughts of the craftsmen.

  We can hold it!

  └ Seminars and alcohol pairing sessions where you can listen to the chef's heart while savoring gourmet food.

    You can hold it. This is a plan that lets you kill two birds with one stone, allowing you to have fun and deepen your learning.

Held results

*Gourmet experience at our company's planned sake-tasting event "Sake Spring"

[Time required] Approximately 2 hours
[Number of people] ~10 people
[Fee] 15% of Food and Beverage charges
[Place] Restaurant in Kyoto City
*The above details may vary depending on the store and number of people.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Contact us for event and tour planning.

What would you like to do? (multiple responses accepted)

Sending completed.

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