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Journey of exchange

Maiko Exchange Meeting

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When you think of Kyoto, you think of Maiko.

Maiko for your party in Kyoto.

This unusual experience will surely become a special memory.

Maiko can be arranged for a special Kyoto-like experience.

As a guest at your event, we can create a spectacular time for you to experience beautiful Japanese culture through ozashiki games, dance performances, and other activities.

As an option, we can arrange a maiko to a designated location and meals.

Recommended points

1) Interaction with Maiko, who are not easy to see

2) Experience the unusual experience of playing Ozashiki games

3) Experience the performing arts and traditional culture unique to Japan

By participating in this tour...

・You can deepen your knowledge about Maiko!

 └ What is the difference between a Maiko and a Geiko? Why do they paint their faces white? and more. There will be a question-and-answer corner, so please ask Maiko many questions. This is a very valuable opportunity to have your questions answered directly.

・You can have an extraordinary and special experience!

 └ Normally, you can only experience this kind of ozashiki games at a teahouse that does not open to the public at first glance. With this plan, you can experience such a special game and enjoy an extraordinary space.

・You can experience the culture of Kyoto!

 └ Maiko are known for their elegant Kyoto accent and refined mannerisms. It is an opportunity to think about the culture of Kyoto, one of the cultural cities in Japan.

[Time required] Approximately 90 minutes

[Number of people] Approximately 〜20 people

[Fee] JPY 15,000 (USD 120)

[Location] Within Kyoto City

[Flow of the day]

- A guide tell stories about the history and culture of Maiko (apprentice geisha)

- Dance performance by Maiko

- Question time for communication with Maiko



・Tourists can invite Maiko to the designated place. 

Meals can be arranged.

*Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Contact us for event and tour planning.

What would you like to do? (multiple responses accepted)

Sending completed.

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