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Learning Journey

​21st century merchants learning from Japanese culture


Can you explain in English the unique Japanese culture such as temples, shrines, maikos, and tea ceremonies?

Learn about Japanese culture and learn related English expressions in a place unique to Kyoto.

You can master it!

This is a new experience program that was unlikely to exist.

By learning about Japanese culture and acquiring related English expressions in a place unique to Kyoto,

​Let's become Japanese people who can be used in the world.


<Recommended points>

① You can learn Japanese culture and English in a place unique to Kyoto!

② In addition to studying English, you can also have a special experience in Kyoto!

③ Also suitable for new team building programs!


<By participating in this program...>

・ Experience a special place that you can't usually go to!

  └ Events will be held at night at special locations such as temples that even locals cannot easily visit.

・You can interact with monks and maiko!

  └ How to become a monk, what clothes they usually wear, the differences between maiko and geiko, etc...

    You will be able to hear their stories directly and it will definitely be a special experience in Kyoto.

・ You can learn English in a fun way!

  └ By thinking and putting things into practice as a team, rather than in a lecture format, your team will become closer together.


The number of foreigners visiting Japan has increased in recent months.

In the future, I think there will be more opportunities to show around and interact with people from overseas.

Let's learn about Japanese culture that even Japanese people don't know about in a special place!

<Held results>

*Training course to enjoy learning about Kyoto's culture "Aim to be a 21st century merchant!" - Part 1 Buddhism edition -

(Mr. Eigetsu, Chief Priest of Daigyoji Temple, Bukkoji School of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, Kyoto)

[Time required] 90 minutes to 120 minutes

[Number of participants] 30 people (Number of participants: 5 people or more)

[Cost] From 5,000 yen

[Place] Temples and shrines in Kyoto city, etc.

[Flow of the day] *For temples and monks

- Hear from the chief priest about the temple and monks

- Related words and answers to questions from overseas people,

   Learn how to express yourself in English

- Role-playing based on the assumption that you are actually guiding someone overseas

Contact us for event and tour planning.

What would you like to do? (multiple responses accepted)

Sending completed.

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