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Learning Journey

​Sake Brewery Tour

Kyoto is one of the leading sake producing areas in Japan.

While observing the sake making process that has been preserved since ancient times​

You can get close to its essence.

Recommended Points


You can enter the sake brewery, which is usually closed to the public.


Toji, a professional sake brewer, will take you on a guided tour of the brewery, giving you a firsthand look at the sake brewing process!


Sake brewed at the brewery can be tasted in our original tasting lecture with explanation!


We can suggest a brewery that best suits your needs according to your schedule and place of stay!

Sake culture is spreading not only in Japan but also abroad,

but there are many people who like sake but have never been to a sake brewery.

In this tour, you will learn about the sake brewing process and how to taste sake

while being guided through the brewery by the toji (master brewer)

who actually makes the sake.

[Time required] Approximately 1 hour

[Number of people] ~20 people

[Fee] JPY 12,000 (USD 90)

[Place] Sake brewery in Kyoto city

[Flow of the day]

-  Meet and register in front of the sake brewery

-  Sake brewery tour

-  Interacting with the brewer (tasting sake, purchasing products, etc.)

-  Disbanded locally

 *The above details vary depending on the sake brewery being toured. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


・Labeling experience

・Sake drinking with various sake glasses

・Purchase original goods

Quiz games and other activities

We can also do this kind of program!
Recommended for the following people
Those who want to
see the actual sake
brewing process.
Those who want to
deepen their knowledge
and understanding of sake
and sake drinking.
Those who want to
make a Kyoto-like schedule
for sightseeing in Kyoto.

・Arrangements for team building programs

 └ It can also be used for team building.

[Program example]

① Quiz competition regarding sushi etiquette and kanji

② Team competition sushi making competition

(The craftsman will judge!)

③ Experience making sushi while being taught by a craftsman

④ Eat together

Please feel free to contact us!

Sake Brewery you wish to visit
Consultation example
・The budget is set, but I want to leave the content up to you!
・I have decided how to spend my day, but I am looking for activities to enjoy at night.


Sending completed.

​ We will reply to the address you entered within a few days.

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